Bill Payment

Bill Payment

There are multiple bill payment options available to our members. 


Access the SmartHub application, where you can pay your bill online, access your usage details, make changes to your account, sign up for email or sms notifications, and much more! Click Here for instructions on registering your account.

On your Smart Phone:

Download the mobile app for your device! Find it in the Apple store or on Google Play.

Over the phone:

Call the office and a friendly staff member will take your payment over the phone!

At the office:

Let our friendly office staff take your payment Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM.  There is also a secure drop box in the parking lot next to the business sign.  While you are at the office, take advantage of our complimentary office services, such as fax, copy and notary services.

Mail your payment:

PO Box 290, Elephant Butte, NM  87935



Sierra Electric offers several payment solutions - if you are having difficulty making a payment, please contact us immediately!

If you are having difficulty paying a bill and feel you may qualify for assistance in paying your utility bill from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or another assistance program in our community, contact the Community Assistance Section of the Human Services Department at 1-800-432-6217, or contact a Customer Service Representative at Sierra. Application forms for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance program and the Low Income Utility Payment Assistance program are available at the billing office of Sierra and at the Human Services Department At. Application forms should be returned to the Human Services Department at 102 Barton Street, T or C, NM  87901. The Human Services Department administers the program and determines your eligibility to receive assistance, not Sierra.