Outage Information

Outage Information

TO REPORT AN OUTAGE 1-888-336-3380

Providing safe, affordable and reliable electric service is a top priority at Sierra Electric Cooperative. Sometimes storms, high winds and other unexpected events will cause our members to temporarily lose power.  When an outage occurs, we work non-stop to restore your service.

To report an outage, call 575-744-5231 or 1-888-336-3380 (toll-free in New Mexico).  To expedite the reporting process, please provide the dispatcher with the name on the account, your physical address (service location), your meter number and account number.  This information is provided to you on your bill statement.

Sierra Electric Cooperative contracts with Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative (CNMEC) for after business hours dispatching.  When you report an outage, Sierra Electric and CNMEC both may ask you questions that help us determine the cause of the outage.  These questions are:  Have you checked your breakers?  Have you checked your meter?

We ask these questions because sometimes a blown fuse or trip on your circuit breaker will cause you to lose power and the problem is in the household power.  Or, if your meter stopped spinning or the LED display is off often signals that the outage is on our end. 

Sierra Electric does not require you to take any action before we will respond to the outage report.  Please do not put yourself in danger or do something you are not comfortable with – for example: walking to the meter if it is unsafe or handling electrical components at your circuit breaker.    

It should be noted that CNMEC dispatches for several different cooperatives who have different procedures for outage reports.  You can be sure that Sierra Electric does not charge a fee for simply responding to a power outage report or if we discover the outage was in the member’s household power.  Sierra Electric’s fees and charges are approved and on file with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission and are available to our members to view on our website under the Electric Service>Rates menu.

It is very important to let us know if someone in your household is on electrically powered life-support equipment.  Please complete the PRIORITY LISTING FORM  and send it to us so that we may be aware of your special needs in the event of an electrical emergency.  You may also want to consider precautionary measures such as moving to a hospital or contacting local police or fire departments for emergency equipment. In Sierra County, call 575-894-7111 for non-emergency dispatch, or 911 for emergency.   

As we work as quickly as possible to get your power back on, there are some steps you can take before, during, and after an outage to make it easier to cope.

  • First - CONFIRM THE OUTAGE - check lights and appliances in other rooms.  If you still have power in some rooms, it is most likely a fuse or circuit breaker in your house.  If all lights are off, check to see if your neighbors lights are also off...this may help us determine how widespread the outage may be.
  • Light - have alternate sources of light on hand that can be easily located.
  • Information - have a battery powered radio available.  During a widespread outage, SEC will contact local radio stations about restoration efforts.
  • Food - stock emergency food and related items along with a manual can opener.  Keep your refrigerator/freezer doors closed as much as possible to reduce the chance of food spoilage.
  • Medical - keep back up medical supplies on hand (medications, insulin, oxygen tanks, etc.)
  • Appliances - turn off large appliances and disconnect sensitive equipment to avoid damage from lightning.  Leave a single lamp turned on to let you know when your service has been restored.
  • SAFETY - Never touch downed power lines or anything contacting power lines.  Let qualified servicemen from SEC handle the clearing and repair work.

When the power comes back on, give the electrical system a chance to stabilize by gradually reconnecting your appliances.  Check food supplies in the refrigerator for signs of spoilage - when in doubt, throw it out.