Governance Roles

Trustees are consumer-members elected by the members to govern the cooperative and establish the strategic direction of the cooperative.  The Board of Trustees hires a General Manager who is responsible for ensuring the strategic initiatives and goals set by the Board are met.  The General Manager oversees the Staff and Employees who are responsible for carrying out the day-to-day operations and administrative functions of the cooperative.

Sierra Electric By-laws are specific to the operation of this Cooperative.  The Board of Trustees must abide by the By-laws; any changes must be passed by a vote of the members.  For more information on the Board of Trustees, refer to Article IV Trustees of the Sierra Electric Cooperative By-laws; every member is provided a copy of the By-laws upon acceptance into the Cooperative.  A copy of the By-laws is always available to pick up at the Co-op office and available to view online by clicking the button at the end of this page.


Board of Trustees List and Contact Information

The Board of Trustees are as follows:

District 1 District 2 District 3
Dennis Franklin, Trustee Warren Strong, Trustee George Biel, Treasurer
Judy Smith, Trustee Raymond Ruffini, Vice President Darryl Sullivan, President
  Paul Scott, Trustee Tami Garrett, Secretary
  Ray Hodges, Trustee  

The Board of Trustees meet once a month.  Members may send written correspondence via mail and e-mail,, and staff will forward communications from the members to the trustees.

Board of Trustees District Map