Small Change that Changes Lives

The purpose of the Operation Round Up Program is to provide additional funding for the Sierra Electric Cooperative Education Foundation.  The foundation supports members and members' dependents by awarding scholarships for attending an accredited higher education college or technical school in the State of New Mexico.

Participation in the Operation Round Up Program is strictly voluntary.  Each month, Sierra Electric simply “rounds up” the electric bill to the next highest dollar.  For example, if your bill is $55.55 your bill would be rounded up to $56.00, meaning your contribution for that month would be 45 cents. The average cost per member, per account, per year will be about $6.00.

You may also enroll and choose to make a one-time additional donation of any amount. Your next bill will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the one-time additional donation will be added to the charges on your next bill.

If you later decide you are unable to contribute, you can un-enroll from the program at any time.

You may sign up in the SmartHub app, check the box on your bill payment coupon or submit the form on this page to have a customer service representative contact you to verify your account number and enrollment in Round Up.


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Operation Round Up® allows Sierra Electric to round up your electric bill to an even dollar amount.
The “round up” amount is then donated to the Sierra Electric Cooperative Education Foundation for scholarship awards.

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